shar ♥ shar (irishshowjumper) wrote in gareth_lovers,
shar ♥ shar

Front cover of Gareth's 2006 calendar. Brace yourselves for....

one of the SEXIEST Gareth pics I have ever seen in my entire life. I literally nearly fainted after seeing it. I was absolutely speechless, he is so perfect. I have never seen anything so ****ing gorgeous and sexy in my life. No exaggeration whatsoever.

This pic is too HOT to put behind a cut, I'm sorry but it's true!!!!



He is a SEX GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if this isn't incentive enough for all of you to buy Gareth's 2006 calendar then I don't know what is. :p

-Sharon, diehard Gareth fan forever & always.

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